Sudan (Darfur)

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„Responsible Exit“: Herausforderungen beim Abzug von UNAMID 02/2020 Download (161 KB)
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Transition in Darfur: Chancen, Risiken und Aufgaben für UNAMID 02/2019 Download (1,04 MB)
Nach der Neuausrichtung: UNAMID justiert ihre Rolle 03/2018 Download (994 KB)
UNAMID: Peacebuilding und Stabilisierung nach der Neuausrichtung 11/2017 Download (160 KB)
UNAMID: Kein Ende der Gewalt in Darfur 11/2016 Download (223 KB)

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African Union - United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UN-Mandatiert)
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27,000 people displaced by inter-rebel clashes in Jebel Marra (03.07.2020)

Interfactional fighting between rebel groups in mountainous Jebel Marra area of Darfur has displaced over 27,000 civilians who are in dire need of humanitarian aid, a UN humanitarian agency on Friday.

Kushayb’s surrender lifts hopes ICC could try others wanted for Darfur crimes (11.06.2020)

The surrender of ex-warlord Ali Kushayb to the International Criminal Court has raised hope that others wanted for crimes in Sudan’s Darfur region could be turned over to the ICC, including former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir.

Islamist-backed Sudanese protest against UN mission (10.06.2020)

Protesters backed by Islamists from previous regime gather some 200 metres from army command in Khartoum to protest against newly formed UN mission mandated to support political transition.

Security Council extends UNAMID until 31 December (04.06.2020)

The Security Council in a 4 June videoconference meeting extended the mandate of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) until 31 December, deciding that the peacekeeping mission will maintain its current troop and police ceilings during this period.

Security Council establishes Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (04.06.2020)

The Security Council, in a 4 June videoconference meeting, decided to establish a new political mission in Sudan to assist the country in its transition towards democratic governance, provide support for peace negotiations and bolster efforts to maintain accountable rule of law and security...

Halt plan to withdraw Sudan peacekeepers, UN urged (27.05.2020)

Activists in Sudan are urging the UN and African Union not to go ahead with plans to withdraw 26,000 peacekeepers from Darfur this year, claiming the move will put lives at risk. The peacekeepers from the AU-UN hybrid operation in Darfur (Unamid), which has a mandate to protect civilians by force...

Civil society groups call on Sudan’s PM to request maintaining UNAMID in Darfur (08.05.2020)

Civil society groups and activists called on the Sudanese prime minister to prioritize the protection of civilians in Darfur and to request a revitalized UNAMID or a new broader mission under Chapter VII. … In a petition submitted to the office of the prime minister on Monday 4 May, 98 advocacy and...

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