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African Union - United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UN-Mandatiert)
Mandatiert seit: 07/07

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Preparations step up for next phase of added UN support to African force in Darfur (16.01.2007)

(Quelle: UN News) The United Nations and the African Union (AU) have intensified their preparations for the second phase of the process leading to the eventual deployment of a hybrid UN-AU peacekeeping force in the war-torn Sudanese region of Darfur. The two organizations will hold a final round of...

Darfur rebels divided over proposed truce (15.01.2007)

(Quelle: Reliefweb) A proposed ceasefire between Darfur rebels and the Sudanese government has exposed cracks in the fragile military alliance between insurgents in Sudan's west, highlighting the long road ahead for peace talks. The ceasefire was negotiated by U.S. governor of New Mexico Bill...

Besetzung der Darfur-Mission sorgt in den UN für Ärger (15.01.2007)

(Quelle: Frankfurter Rundschau) Die Gruppe der westlichen Staaten im neuen UN-Menschenrechtsrat (MRR) probt den Aufstand. Sie will verhindern, dass eine mit der Wahrheitsfindung im Darfurkonflikt beauftragte Mission von Verbündeten der sudanesischen Regierung dominiert wird.

Second group of UN military staff officers heads to Darfur on Monday (14.01.2007)

(Quelle: UN News) The United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) today announced plans to deploy a second group of 10 military staff officers to Darfur to support the African Union Mission (AMIS) in the troubled region. The new batch, set to leave on Monday, comes in addition to the 17 UN military...

200 die in Darfur during week of intertribal battles (14.01.2007)

(Quelle: Washington Post) More than 200 people have died in clashes between ethnic African farmers and nomadic Arabs in South Darfur in the past week, leading the Sudanese government to send emissaries to try to reconcile the tribes involved, officials said Saturday.

US hails new Chinese push for peace in Darfur (13.01.2007)

(Quelle: Daily Star) China has begun to actively encourage Sudan's government to negotiate an end to the conflict in Darfur, in a shift to its role in the crisis, a US envoy said Friday. After three days of meetings with Chinese officials, Andrew Natsios, US President George W. Bush's special envoy...

UN envoy hopeful on Darfur peace (12.01.2007)

(Quelle: BBC) Sudan's government remains committed to a hybrid UN and African peacekeeping force for Darfur, a UN envoy says. Jan Eliasson said Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir had also agreed with him that the Darfur conflict could only have a political not military solution. On Wednesday, the...