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UNMISS nach dem Revitalized Peace Agreement 02/2019 Download (1,03 MB)
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Die Regional Protection Force: Mehr Sicherheit im Südsudan? 08/2016 Download (200 KB)
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UN Mission in South Sudan
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United Nations sees increase in child soldiers recruited in South Sudan (20.09.2019)

Forced recruitment of child soldiers is increasing in South Sudan despite a peace deal last year, the head of a United Nations investigating body said on Monday, adding that a return to full-blown conflict remained a possibility.

Briefing: Will South Sudan make a November deadline to form a unity government? (18.09.2019)

South Sudan’s warring parties are less than two months away from forming a unity government, but meetings last week failed to move the needle on a 2018 peace deal long-delayed by disputes. The question now: what will happen in November?

South Sudan’s peace process ‘precarious, but progress in being made’, Security Council hears (18.09.2019)

One year on from the signing of a Revitalized Agreement to ease conflict in South Sudan, the country’s political leaders “have met some, but certainly not all”, of the expectations laid out, the top UN official for the country told the Security Council on Wednesday. Briefing the Council in New...

Panel: Full-scale war looms in South Sudan one year after peace accord signed (16.09.2019)

A panel of U.N. experts warns the failure of South Sudan's warring factions to implement last year's peace accord risks plunging the country into full-scale war once again. The report by the three-member Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan shows no improvements since South Sudan's President...

South Sudan parties agree to form interim government by Nov 12 (11.09.2019)

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar have agreed to form a transitional government by the middle of November, the country’s information minister said on Wednesday.

South Sudan displacement still a crisis a year on (08.09.2019)

One year on from the signing of the peace agreement, millions of South Sudanese remain displaced as the country braves a humanitarian crisis and people fear that peace may not last, according to a new report.

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