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UNMISS zwischen Schutzfunktion und Stagnation 02/2020 Download (164 KB)
UNMISS nach dem Revitalized Peace Agreement 02/2019 Download (1,03 MB)
UNMISS 2018: Stabilisierung unter schwierigsten Bedingungen 03/2018 Download (984 KB)
UNMISS 2017: Stabilisierung unter schwierigsten Bedingungen 11/2017 Download (203 KB)
Quo vadi UNMISS? 11/2016 Download (173 KB)
Die Regional Protection Force: Mehr Sicherheit im Südsudan? 08/2016 Download (200 KB)
Sudan - Südsudan 07/2011 Download (243 KB)

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UN Mission in South Sudan
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Kiir pledges full-scale disarmament campaign to end tribal violence in South Sudan (08.07.2020)

South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Wednesday announced that his government would start a full-scale disarmament campaign to end tribal violence in the country. … He said the intercommunal clashes across the country are now threatening the "success in ending political violence" and South Sudan’s...

Is this the last chance for peace in South Sudan? Q&A with Daisaku Higashi (25.06.2020)

[…] He spoke with Samir Ashraf, editor of the Global Observatory, on the state of the peace process in South Sudan, and the impact that the political transition in Sudan is having on its neighbor.

What is causing South Sudan's inter-communal fighting? (24.06.2020)

Hundreds of people have been killed in inter-communal violence raging in South Sudan’s Jonglei state in recent weeks […]. On Tuesday, President Salva Kiir issued a presidential decree forming a committee to resolve ongoing inter-communal violence involving the Dinka Bor, the Lou Nuer and Murle...

The impact of COVID-19 on stability and the peace process in South Sudan (17.06.2020)

The spread of COVID-19 in South Sudan has had a negative impact on the implementation of the peace process and has placed further stress on an already dire humanitarian situation.

South Sudan leaders reach key deal on control of states (17.06.2020)

South Sudan's president and his former rival have reached a deal on the selection of governors for the country's 10 states, an issue seen as the biggest threat to peace since a transitional unity government was formed in February.

Fresh intercommunal violence flares in Jonglei (20.05.2020)

A fresh wave of intercommunal fighting in South Sudan has killed and displaced "many people", a UN mission has said. Dozens of homes in Jonglei state were destroyed, warehouses belonging to aid groups were raided, and women and cattle were abducted.

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