OSCE urges restraint in east Ukraine after deadly uptick in fighting (19.02.2020)

Two high-ranking officials from the … OSCE expressed deep concern over the recent upsurge in fighting in eastern Ukraine that killed at least five combatants and wounded at least eight others near a front-line town from which the warring sides withdrew forces in November.

Bosnian presidency members criticize Dodik in dispute over international judges (19.02.2020)

The Bosniak and Croat members of the multiethnic presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina say they will not agree to a Serb demand to remove international judges from the country's Constitutional Court.

Serbia, Kosovo ink 'milestone' railway, highway deal (14.02.2020)

Serbian and Kosovar officials have signed a deal to restore a railway link between Belgrade and Pristina and to connect the two capitals with a highway in a step toward normalizing bilateral relations.

Senior appointments in Moscow and Kyiv point to tentative thaw (12.02.2020)

In Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy elevated aide Andriy Yermak, who had acted as an envoy in prisoner exchanges with Russia in recent months, to the post of chief of staff. In Moscow, the Kremlin said that the relationship with Ukraine would now be handled by the Ukrainian-born deputy head of...

North Macedonia minister faces sack for “name” provocation (12.02.2020)

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Oliver Spasovski, on Wednesday moved to axe Labour Minister Rashela Mizrahi from the caretaker government for her refusal to use the country’s new official name in a press conference.

Bosnian Serbs condemned over blockade of state institutions (12.02.2020)

Since almost no decision in Bosnia can be made without the consent of all of its three constituent peoples, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, the Bosnian Serb strike effectively blocks much of the work of government.

New Kosovo PM says ties with Serbia should be based on 'symmetry' (07.02.2020)

Kosovo’s new prime minister (Albin Kurti) says he intends to abolish punitive tariffs on Serbian goods, as the two countries struggle amid an international push for them to establish diplomatic relations.

Turkish Cypriot leader warns Cyprus is facing permanent partition (06.02.2020)

[…] In an interview with the Guardian, Mustafa Akinci said the differences between the two sides were growing more entrenched every year, diminishing the prospect of reunification. “We need to hurry up. After all these years we have come to a crossroads, a decisive moment,” he said.

U.S. warns Bosnia aid could be cut over human trafficking (05.02.2020)

Bonnie Glick, deputy administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), warns that the United States would cut its assistance to Bosnia-Herzegovina if the country fails to tackle human trafficking. … In its 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, the U.S. State Department said the...

Kosovo gets new government four months after polls (03.02.2020)

Kosovo's parliament has voted to support a new government under Albin Kurti following four months of coalition talks between the Balkan country's two main parties.