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OSCE Mission to Montenegro

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
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International experts approve Kosovo-Montenegro border deal (31.03.2016)

Kosovo's outgoing president, Ahtifete Jahjaga, said Thursday international experts have concluded that a border demarcation deal with Montenegro is in line with international standards.

Russia urges Montenegro to hold referendum on Nato (16.12.2015)

Russia has urged Montenegro to hold a referendum on joining Nato, arguing that less the half of its population backed joining the military alliance.

Montenegro, Bosnia to sign border agreement (17.08.2015)

Montenegro and Bosnia are to sign a historic demarcation agreement by the end of August, having agreed to bury their recent dispute over the Sutorina area.

Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo to sign border deal (21.10.2014)

The agreement, which was proposed by Montenegro, aims at part-resolving a dispute between Montenegro and Kosovo over borders that has lasted since 2011.

Enlargement report package criticises Montenegro (08.10.2014)

The yearly enlargement reports to be unveiled today (8 October) will be critical of Montenegro, mostly because Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has been running the country as though it were a family business, diplomats told EurActiv.

NATO rejects Montenegro membership in 2014 (25.06.2014)

Ministers of NATO countries have decided not to offer the ex-Yugoslav state membership of the military alliance this year, saying they will reconsider Montenegro’s bid in 2015.

Montenegro may take Kosovo border dispute to court (08.05.2014)

Montenegrin officials said they will seek international arbitration in determining the border with Kosovo if no agreement on disputed territory is reached soon.