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United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UN-Geführt)
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Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon

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U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon get stronger inspection powers for Hezbollah arms (30.08.2017)

The annual renewal of the mandate for the force, known as the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, or Unifil, had become a contentious issue in the council. It basically pitted the United States against members led by France, which has made significant troop contributions to Unifil.

Nikki Haley says UN commander in Lebanon ‘blind’ to illegal arms trafficking (26.08.2017)

US ambassador Nikki Haley sharply criticised the UN peacekeeping commander in Lebanon on Friday, saying he is “blind” to the spread of illegal arms and reiterating a call for the force to do more about it. He says there is no evidence it is actually happening.

Rift over UNIFIL mission at Security Council (24.08.2017)

The United States is wrestling with its Security Council partners over renewing the UN peacekeeping mission mandate in Lebanon, which Washington is calling to strengthen against the opinions of Paris and Moscow.

US urges UN force in Lebanon to prevent Hezbollah weapons (07.08.2017)

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley urged the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon on Monday to step up efforts to prevent the spread of illegal arms in the south, which she said "are almost entirely in the hands of Hezbollah terrorists.''

How Hezbollah sidelined the Lebanese army (02.08.2017)

Syrian rebel groups have been pushed out of Lebanese border areas - but Hezbollah, not army, was in charge of the campaign.

Ceasefire reached on Lebanon-Syria border, say reports (27.07.2017)

The ceasefire comes a week after Hezbollah launched an offensive against the militants in the Arsal border region.

Lebanon preparing for military operation near Syria border (18.07.2017)

Lebanon is preparing a military operation to secure a lawless section of the border with Syria, Prime Minister Saad Hariri told parliament on Tuesday. The leader of Lebanon's powerful militant group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, hinted in a speech last week that a joint operation was in the works...