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EU grants aid to prosecution unit dedicated to dismantling paramilitary structures (10.07.2019)

The European Union will contribute more than $2.2 million (€2 million euro) to a prosecution unit that seeks to dismantle paramilitary groups, the EU’s special envoy to Colombia’s peace process said Tuesday. … The special investigation unit to dismantle paramilitary group was part of a 2016 peace...

Former FARC leader's arrest sought in blow to Colombia's peace deal (09.07.2019)

Colombia’s Supreme Court ordered the capture of a former FARC rebel commander-turned lawmaker on Tuesday after he failed to appear for questioning about U.S. drug-trafficking charges, in a fresh blow to the country’s landmark peace deal.

If Duque won’t, then the ELN will: UN receives deals made in suspended peace talks (04.07.2019)

Colombia’s ELN rebels formally informed the United Nations about partial agreements made with the government before President Ivan Duque suspended peace talks. The ELN’s chief negotiator, “Pablo Beltran,” told press that his team surrendered the partial agreements to the UN and the International...

Haiti's parliament attempts to re-establish order after chaos (01.07.2019)

Chaos has dominated Haitian politics for weeks after opposition lawmakers used various tactics including removing furniture from the chamber and failing to report for work -- to block a vote on the designated prime minister Jean Michel Lapin's nomination. The country has been without a prime...

UN Security Council to visit Colombia in support of peace process (26.06.2019)

The members of the United Nations’ Security Council will visit Colombia next month to put their weight behind the country’s troubled peace process.

SC approves ‘historic’ political Haiti mission, ending UN peacekeeping role in the country (25.06.2019)

The Security Council on Monday approved a resolution to create a UN “Integrated Office” in Haiti, designed to support the country’s government in strengthening political stability and good governance. The Office, named BINUH, will replace the peacekeeping mission in Haiti on October 16, putting an...

Colombia’s ELN guerrillas hopeful Duque will resume peace talks (22.06.2019)

Colombia’s last-standing guerrilla group ELN on Thursday reiterated its hopes that peace talks that were suspended by the government in February can be resumed.

Colombia continues to have highest number of internally displaced people in the world: UN (19.06.2019)

Colombia continues to have the most internally displaced persons in the world, according to the UN. … Since 2015, the number of displaced Colombians has exceeded all other nations with internal conflicts, according to a report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Colombia urged to do more to protect ex-Farc rebels after killings (19.06.2019)

The leader of Colombia's former Farc rebels has called on the government to stop the "systematic murder" of ex-fighters following two killings. In an open letter to President Iván Duque, Rodrigo Londoño said the cases highlighted the lack of protection of Farc members by authorities.