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FARC chief begs former guerrillas not to abandon peace process amid worst crisis yet (19.05.2019)

FARC president Rodrigo Londoño begged the more than 12,000 former guerrillas who disarmed in 2016 as part of a peace deal not to abandon the process after the recapture of former guerrilla leader “Jesus Santrich.” The FARC leader, who is also known as “Timochenko,” made the urgent call after an...

FARC party accuses far-right of attacks on members (15.05.2019)

The political party formed by Colombia's former Marxist FARC rebels on Wednesday accused the far right of assassinating its members, but pledged to continue the process of reintegration.

‘Terrible trend’ of rights defenders killed, harassed; UN calls for ‘significant effort’ to tackle impunity (10.05.2019)

Alarmed by the “strikingly high number” of human rights defenders being killed, harassed and threatened in Colombia, the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) in the country on Friday, called on authorities to “make a significant effort” to “tackle the endemic impunity” surrounding these cases.

UN urges action after 1600 displaced by turf war in northwest Colombia (08.05.2019)

The United Nations urged Colombia on Tuesday to take immediate action against ongoing violence in the northwest of the country. According to figures of the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR, over 1600 members of five different indigenous communities have been displaced as a result of armed conflict between...

Row with US energy trader worsens Haiti's fuel crisis (15.04.2019)

A dispute between Haiti and a U.S. energy trading firm is leading to long blackouts and fuel shortages in the Caribbean nation, feeding anger at President Jovenel Moise’s government following the collapse of a supply deal with Venezuela last year.

Colombia’s peace process has progressed, but is failing to affect citizens: study (10.04.2019)

The implementation of Colombia’s peace process made progress since it began in late 2016, but has so far failed to positively affect the lives of citizens, according to an extensive study. According to the Kroc Institute, which has monitored the progress of implementation of the 578 agreements made...

Haiti stands ‘at the crossroads’ between peacekeeping, development – Bachelet urges strengthened ‘human rights protection’ (03.04.2019)

With the end of the UN’s peacekeeping presence in Haiti in sight, the UN’s human rights chief told the Security Council on Wednesday that the country now stands “at the crossroads between peacekeeping and development”, urging all concerned parties to continue building on progress made, or “risk...

ELN leaders to stay in Cuba for talks while guerrillas to keep fighting in Colombia (01.04.2019)

The leaders of Colombia’s last-standing guerrilla group, the ELN, will remain in Cuba until Colombia’s President Ivan Duque agrees to resume peace talks, according to the rebels’ chief negotiator.