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Polizei und Justiz im Rampenlich in Nachfolgemission in Haiti 10/2017 Download (783 KB)

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UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti

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New premier takes office (14.01.2015)

A new prime minister has taken office in Haiti as the country enters a period of political uncertainty after the dissolution of Parliament because of a stalemate between lawmakers and the president.

Political uncertainty in Haiti as parliament is dissolved (14.01.2015)

Parliament in Haiti has been dissolved after the failure of last-ditch negotiations over a new electoral law.

‘Dysfunctional’ Haitian Parliament deplored by UN and partners (13.01.2015)

Urging all Haitian stakeholders to form a consensus Government, the top United Nations official in in the country joined the ambassadors of several countries today in deploring the fact that the Haitian Parliament became “dysfunctional” after failing to hold elections within its constitutional...

Haiti crisis: Anti-Martelly protest turns violent (17.12.2014)

Hundreds of people in Haiti have marched through Port-au-Prince, demanding the resignation of President Michel Martelly. The protest turned violent as police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Haiti prime minister resigns amid protests (14.12.2014)

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's prime minister, has announced he is resigning along with several ministers in the wake of violent anti-government protests and a commission's call for him to step down.

Haiti capital hit by anti-government clashes (06.12.2014)

Thousands of anti-government protesters have clashed with police in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. They burned tyres and threw stones at officers who responded with tear gas. The protesters want President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resign and long-overdue elections to be...

Amid ongoing humanitarian problems, Security Council extends UN mission (14.10.2014)

The United Nations Security Council today adopted a resolution renewing the mandate for the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in the Caribbean nation, urging political stakeholders in the country to fully commit to the democratic process and calling on international donors to strengthen...