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Polizei und Justiz im Rampenlich in Nachfolgemission in Haiti 10/2017 Download (783 KB)

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UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti

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US hands Haiti mission to UN (02.06.2004)

(Quelle: ISN) The US has begun handing over the command of its mission in war-torn and flood-ravaged Haiti to the UN, which will now face the challenge of creating - during its six-month mandate - a functioning democracy capable of holding national elections next year. The 3’600-strong US-led...

Latortue asks for OAS election support (19.05.2004)

(Quelle: OAS) Gérard Latortue, the Prime Minister of Haiti’s transitional government, told the Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council today that a major task of his government is preparing to hold “free, fair, open and democratic elections.” Citing Article 23...

Pro-Aristide march turns violent (18.05.2004)

(Quelle: Washington Post) Thousands of demonstrators called for the return of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide during a Flag Day rally Tuesday that turned violent, leaving at least one man dead.

U.N. struggles to find troops to police Haiti (30.04.2004)

(Quelle: New York Times) … Planners cite several challenges as they seek to replace nearly 2,000 troops from the United States and about 1,500 from France, Canada and Chile who were deployed to keep order after Mr. Aristide left. … One problem is the competition for French-speaking...

Security Council approves UN peacekeeping mission (30.04.2004)

(Quelle: UN News) The Security Council today unanimously approved a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti to help stabilize the country, establish democratic institutions and eventually organize free and fair elections. Under today’s resolution, the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti...

Friedenstruppe weitet Einsatz aus (29.04.2004)

(Quelle: taz) Die Friedenstruppe für Haiti weitet ihren Einsatz aus. Am Montag nahmen chilenische Soldaten Patrouillen in der Stadt Hinche nordöstlich von Port-au-Prince auf, wo nur wenige Stunden zuvor Angreifer zwei Polizeistationen in Brand gesteckt hatten. Es ist der erste Einsatz der...

U.N. team to offer U.S. relief in securing Haiti (22.04.2004)

(Quelle: Washington Post) U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called Tuesday for establishment of a force of 6,700 U.N. troops to relieve a U.S.-led multinational mission that has maintained security in Haiti since the Feb. 29 departure of former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Annan said...