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Villagers flee southern Philippine town fearing new rebel clashes (02.03.2009)

The mayor of a southern Philippine town where Muslim rebels and government security forces have been fighting on and off for months said Tuesday (March 3) that villagers have been fleeing the town amid reports of renewed agitation.

Malaysia vows continued help for Philippine peace talks (01.03.2009)

Malaysia has vowed to help the Philippines resume stalled peace talks with Muslim separatist rebels in the troubled southern region of Mindanao, a Philippine government official said Sunday.

Philippine troops battle rebels (24.02.2009)

Philippine troops have killed at least 11 rebels and wounded dozens in running battles in the restive south of the country, a military spokesman said.

Philippines expects to resume talks with rebels next month (19.02.2009)

The Philippine government is expecting to resume stalled peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the country's largest rebel group, anytime next month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an official said on Friday.

The Philippines: running in place in Mindanao – new ICG briefing (16.02.2009)

The Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) should focus on reaching a ceasefire in central Mindanao, especially as a broader settlement of the conflict seems out of reach during the remaining tenure of the Arroyo administration. “The Philippines: Running in Place in...

Philippines orders closure of refugee camps in south (31.01.2009)

The Philippine government has ordered the closure of evacuation centres set up in the south following fighting that displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, aid agencies said Friday. The order is expected to hit 45,000 families who fled their homes on Mindanao island when fighting flared in...

Brunei commits more peace monitors for Philippine rebel conflict (30.01.2009)

Brunei announced Friday (January 30) plans to deploy additional peace monitors to the International Monitoring Team (IMT) that was created five years ago to observe a ceasefire between the Philippine armed forces and a Muslim rebel group that has been fighting for an autonomous homeland in the...