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Philippine rebels promise help on militants as peace bid stalls (12.02.2015)

Muslim rebels in the Philippines promised the government on Thursday they would help track down a wanted militant in a bid to save a peace process thrown into doubt by a clash in which 44 policemen were killed.

Deadly clash in Philippines a setback to peace with Muslim rebels (31.01.2015)

A deadly clash between Philippines police and Muslim rebels in the south of the country has dealt a temporary setback to peace talks, Manila's chief peace negotiator said on Saturday, appealing for renewed efforts to keep the process on track.

Philippines to enact law on Muslim autonomy (10.09.2014)

Philippine President Benigno Aquino has asked the country’s congress to swiftly enact a law creating a Muslim autonomous area in the south of the mainly Roman Catholic state.

Philippine Muslim rebels take crucial step on path to pact (21.08.2014)

The Philippines' largest Muslim rebel group has taken a crucial step in ending decades of conflict, formally submitting to the president a final proposal for self-rule that both it and the government have agreed on, a presidential adviser said.

Philippine peace deal in jeopardy as Muslim rebels cry foul (06.08.2014)

An historic peace settlement in the southern Philippines is at risk of breaking down as Muslim rebels accuse the government of going back on its word over a proposed law to create self-rule for the war-torn region.

Military, Islamists clash in Philippines, 15 dead (30.04.2014)

(Abu Sayyaf) is one of many small Islamist groups in the southern Philippines opposed to a peace deal between Manila and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Philippines, MILF rebels sign historic peace deal (27.03.2014)

Under the deal signed Thursday, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will give up its weapons in exchange for greater political autonomy in the mainly Muslim areas of the southern Mindanao region.