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Nearly 100 Muslim rebels slain in two weeks: Philippine army (15.06.2009)

Almost 100 Muslim separatist guerrillas have been killed in two weeks of heavy fighting in the southern Philippines, the military said Monday.

Philippines working to reopen peace talks (12.06.2009)

The Philippines President Gloria Arroyo says her government is working to re-open peace talks with Muslim separatist guerrillas in the south. Speaking at a ceremony marking the 111th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence from Spanish rule, she says the Malaysian government is...

Military kills at least 35 rebels, captures Muslim rebel camps in southern Philippines (08.06.2009)

The Philippine military said Monday that dozens of insurgents were killed and two Muslim rebel camps in the south have been overrun by troops, after soldiers captured another camp in the area. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), air attacks backed by artillery fire on the ground led to the...

Philippine military denies NGO accusations of food blockade in south (02.06.2009)

A non-governmental organization in the southern Philippines has accused the military of imposing food blockades on people displaced by conflict between the armed forces and the rebel Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). But the military has denied the claims, saying it is merely protecting food...

New clashes push back peace prospects in Philippines (26.05.2009)

Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in the southern Philippines in recent weeks as troops step up an offensive against rogue Muslim rebels, aid and local officials say. The offensive and the refugee problem have further pushed back prospects of peace in the oil and gas-rich marshlands...

Arroyo to ask Syria, Egypt help in Mindanao peace efforts (02.05.2009)

President Arroyo said Saturday that peace in Mindanao remains on top of the government's list of priorities as she leaves for Egypt and Syria to lobby the Philippines' bid for observer status in the Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC). … Mrs. Arroyo said she will ask for the support of...

Muslim rebels storm military camp in southern Philippines (25.04.2009)

Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines stormed a military headquarters Friday night by firing rockets and automatic rifles but no one was hurt in the attack, a military spokesman said Saturday.