Taliban delegation in Kabul for talks as officials blame militants for deadly attacks (28.05.2020)

A Taliban delegation has arrived in Kabul for talks over a prisoner swap, just hours after Afghan officials blamed the militant group for two deadly attacks in the country’s north and west.

US troop pullout from Afghanistan ahead of schedule (28.05.2020)

The US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is considerably ahead of schedule, an official told AFP on Wednesday, as President Donald Trump reiterated calls for the Pentagon to bring troops home. The developments came as questions loomed over the next phase of Afghanistan’s long war following a...

UN welcomes three-day ceasefire announcement by Afghan government and Taliban during Eid al-Fitr (24.05.2020)

[…] It marks just the second time during the nearly 20-year period since Taliban extremists were removed from power, following the US-led invasion of the country, that a brief ceasefire has been agreed.

Khalilzad in Kabul for peace talks amid new deadly attacks (20.05.2020)

U.S. special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is in Kabul to press the Taliban and Afghan government to start delayed talks amid an uptick in violence -- including two more deadly attacks overnight -- that threatens to unravel a landmark peace deal between Washington and the militants signed earlier...

Taliban spring offensive launched, according to Afghan officials (18.05.2020)

[…] In a news conference in Kabul Monday afternoon, Afghan military and security officials said it looked as if the Taliban had started their spring offensive without the usual formal announcement of an end to the winter lull.

Taliban talks in sight as Afghan political rivals end feud (18.05.2020)

President Ghani signs deal with his rival Abdullah, who will head peace talks with the Taliban amid surge in violence.

UN shocked and outraged over deadly attacks on maternity hospital and funeral (12.05.2020)

Perpetrators behind two separate deadly attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday must be brought to justice, top UN officials have said.

Afghanistan resumes offensive campaign against Taliban (12.05.2020)

After a wave of attacks across the country, the president has announced the resumption of offensive operations against terror groups. Afghan officials said the Taliban and its supporters "do not intend to pursue peace."

Taliban urges Afghan government to speed up prisoner release (05.05.2020)

The Taliban has called on the Afghan government to speed up the release of prisoners in order to pave the way for negotiations with the militant movement.

US Defense Secretary: Afghanistan peace process 'behind schedule' (04.05.2020)

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the peace process in Afghanistan is not going as quickly as expected, with the Taliban failing to reduce violence in the war-torn country.