Dozens of Afghan politicians at Pakistan meeting to bolster peace efforts with Taliban (22.06.2019)

Dozens of senior Afghan political figures are attending a peace conference in neighboring Pakistan aimed at paving the way for an intra-Afghan dialogue to end almost two decades of war with the Taliban. The June 22 conference came ahead of a new round of peace talks between the United States and...

Presidential election: ‘Key moment’ to reaffirm Afghanistan’s democratic political structure, UN mission chief tells Security Council (19.06.2019)

The presidential election scheduled for 28 September will be a “key moment to reaffirm the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s democratic political structure”, the United Nations mission chief in the country told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Kazakhstan updates tally of protest arrests to nearly 4,000 (18.06.2019)

Police in Kazakhstan arrested nearly 4,000 people during protests before and after a June 9 presidential election, and 700 were detained for several days, the country's interior minister reported Tuesday.

US: Seeking peace not troop withdrawal agreement with Taliban (18.06.2019)

The United States explicitly stated Tuesday it is seeking a comprehensive peace agreement with the Taliban that would cover counterterrorism assurances, withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, intra-Afghan talks to find a political settlement to the war and a permanent cease-fire.

UN criticizes Kazakhstan's crackdown on protesters (13.06.2019)

The United Nations Human Rights Office has called on Kazakh authorities "to respect freedoms of peaceful assembly, expression and right to political participation" following the detention of hundreds of protesters during rallies since Kazakhstan's June 9 presidential election.

Top U.S. General says IS still 'worrisome' in Afghanistan, but unlikely to mount U.S. attacks (13.06.2019)

A senior U.S. general says the Islamic State (IS) extremist group remains a "very worrisome" presence in Afghanistan, but it is unlikely to mount an attack on the U.S. homeland because it is under strong military pressure. … The AP earlier this week quoted U.S. and Afghan security officials as...

Civilians ‘must never be a target,’ says UN in Afghanistan, amid troubling number of casualties during Ramadan (10.06.2019)

The United Nations has urged all parties to the “ongoing intense conflict” across Afghanistan to meet their obligations to protect civilians from harm, denouncing a spate of attacks by militants which killed more than 100 civilians in Kabul alone during Ramadan.

In Kazakhstan, 500 detained after protesting election seen as shoo-in (09.06.2019)

[…] The election was set to confirm Kassym-Jomart Tokayev as the successor to Nursultan Nazarbayev, who ran sweeping powers, and handpicked Mr. Tokayev, a diplomat, to succeed him.

At least nine killed in Afghanistan as Taliban rejects truce calls (02.06.2019)

Violent bomb blasts continued to shake Afghanistan as Taliban militants have rejected calls for a holiday truce.

Taliban, Russia demand foreign troops leave Afghanistan (28.05.2019)

The Taliban and Russia have jointly called for the withdrawal of U.S.-led coalition troops from Afghanistan, with a top leader of the Islamist insurgent group denouncing the foreign presence in the country as a major obstacle to Afghan peace.