Afghanistan plunges into crisis after losing presidential candidate alleges 'coup' (19.02.2020)

Though (Ashraf) Ghani was finally declared the winner of the September 28 vote, main challenger Abdullah Abdullah, the country's chief executive officer, has rejected the result, declared himself the winner, and vowed to form his own government … Ghani's vice president, the powerful former warlord...

Afghan president cautiously hopeful about US-Taliban deal (18.02.2020)

The agreement for a seven-day "reduction in violence" announced this week after long negotiations between Washington and the jihadists has raised hopes that a comprehensive peace deal could follow. But it is still not clear when the period will begin and Ghani said that the Taliban's sincerity in...

High death toll in Afghanistan reconstruction efforts (11.02.2020)

A report titled "The human cost of reconstruction" by the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) — a US government watchdog created to monitor how funds are used in the country — showed that 5,135 people were killed or injured in a period lasting from 2002 to 2018.

Death toll rises to 10 from ethnically fueled Kazakh clashes (09.02.2020)

The clashes were some of the worst ethnic violence in years in the Zhambyl region, located about 130 kilometers west of Kazakhstan's commercial capital, Almaty … It was unclear what sparked the incidents, which mostly appeared to pit ethnic Kazakhs against Dungans, a Muslim group of Chinese origin.

The return of pro-Iranian militia fighters to Afghanistan fuels fears in Kabul, Washington (07.02.2020)

With the Syrian war ebbing, several thousand Fatemiyoun fighters (comprised mainly of Afghans from the country's Shi'ite Hazara minority) have returned to their homeland, prompting fears that Iran could mobilize the proxy group to target U.S. interests in neighboring Afghanistan.

Taliban-US Afghan peace talks stall again (01.02.2020)

The Afghan Taliban’s turbulent negotiations with the United States on a peace deal have ground to a halt over differences on how to reduce insurgent violence. The latest standoff in the peace process, being hosted by Qatar, comes amid a sharp increase in Taliban attacks on U.S.-backed Afghan...

Taliban’s continued attacks show limits of U.S. strategy in Afghanistan (31.01.2020)

The number of attacks, detailed in a quarterly inspector general report, highlights once more the disparity between talking points and the reality on the ground.

Record 7,423 US bombs dropped in Afghanistan in 2019: Report (29.01.2020)

US forces in Afghanistan dropped a record number of bombs last year, more than at any other time in at least 10 years, according to the US Air Force.

Conflict, refugee returns fuel Afghanistan displacement (20.01.2020)

Nearly one million people were on the move in Afghanistan last year, displaced by conflict and disasters or pushed home from neighbouring countries, according to new UN figures.

Taliban hopes for Afghan peace deal by end of January (18.01.2020)

A spokesman for the Taliban has told a Pakistani newspaper that the militant group is hoping to reach an Afghan peace deal with U.S negotiators by the end of January. The comments by Suhail Shaheen … come after negotiators from the Taliban and the United States met for two days of talks in Qatar.