ZIF After Work Briefing: "Stabilizing Afghanistan – Challenges of an EU Mission"


Over the past few months civilian capacities have assumed an increasingly important role in the discussion about international stabilization efforts in Afghanistan. A "civilian surge" is frequently suggested as one measure to overcome the current difficulties facing the Afghan government and the international community.

EUPOL Afghanistan as a key component of international civilian efforts aimed at stabilizing the country and strengthening state authority. Since 2007, EUPOL has been mandated to assist local Afghan authorities in implementing a coherent strategy for police reform with a view to building a police force rooted in rule of law principles and enjoys the trust of the population.

Where do we stand three years later with regard to establishing rule of law and fighting corruption in Afghanistan? In this After Work Briefing, Kai Vittrup, Head of EUPOL Afghanistan, will address progress achieved so far as well as challenges and constraints faced by the EU mission in implementing its mandate. The briefing will focus in particular on cooperation with the Afghan authorities and the need for a coherent and coordinated effort by the various international stakeholders with a view to identifying lessons learned for the future.