Others talk about it - we do it: In its core course, ZIF focuses on the “comprehensive approach”

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21 participants, 6 nations, one approach: civilian experts train together with police officers and military in the ZIF core course "Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations" (CGTPO). The fourth course of this kind took place from 15-22 November in Berlin and prepared the participants for (joint) work in peace operations.

In addition to prospective members of the ZIF Expert Pool, international civilian experts from Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Niger, Macedonia and Switzerland also took part, complementing the already internationally experienced participants. Through close cooperation with the Police of North Rhine-Westphalia (LAFP Brühl) and the Federal and State Working Group "International Police Missions" at the Ministry of Interior (AG IPM), five police officers from all over Germany were also present. The group was completed by a youth officer of the German Armed Forces. In addition, for the first time the team of trainers consisted of civilian experts, police officers and a officer of the Bundeswehr for the entire duration of the course.

Along a scenario developed by ZIF, the participants practiced, as part of peace operations in the fictitious crisis state of Orania, conflict analysis, discussions with national partners and the elaboration of concrete projects. A strong focus was always placed on competence-based learning and attitude, as well as the "comprehensive approach" in order to mirror cooperation of civilian experts, police and military in peace operations already during training - and eventually improve it in the field.

In the week following the CGTPO, the civilian experts completed the "Hostile Environment Awareness Training" (HEAT) at the UN Training Centre of the German Armed Forces in Hammelburg, Franconia. In practical exercises, the participants were prepared for fragile situations and dangers in hostile environments they might encounter while working in a mission. Topics such as "safety and risk prevention", "behaviour in complex situations", "first aid in the field" and "stress management" were part of the curriculum. In addition, training in off-road driving was provided in order for the course to comply with the ENTRi standard.

The CGTPO is the last stage of the admission process to the ZIF expert pool. The German (civilian) participants therefore received an additional one-day briefing from the ZIF HR team. Membership in the expert pool is a prerequisite for secondment to peace operations of the EU and OSCE, NATO, the UN and other regional organisations.