ZIF supports Serbia in establishing its first CGTPO Course

Picture: ZIF/ISAC-Fund


The first Comprehensive Generic Training on Peace Operations (CGTPO) course in Serbia took place from 26 November until 7th December 2018. Organized jointly by the International and Security Affairs Center Fund (ISAC Fund), the Czech Development Agency, Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), the Federal Republic of Germany, Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies from Italy, the OSCE Mission to Serbia and ZIF, it is the first course in Serbia especially tailored to civilian experts. The curriculum was adapted from an ENTRi-certified one, which ZIF together with partners in the consortium had developed. ZIF supports Serbia already since 2016 in developing its own training scheme and also contributed the scenario for the CGTPO course. Volker Jacoby, Head of Training, supported the implementation of the course as a mentor/trainer.

The “Action Plan for Developing Civil Contributions of the Republic of Serbia in Multinational Operations led by the European Union, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the United Nations” was adopted at the Serbian Government session on 28th June 2018. Serbia thereby confirmed its readiness to fulfill the obligation stemming from Chapter 31 and to join those countries that strive to build global peace by civilian expertise. With its CGTPO, Serbia prepared Serbian civilians for deployment to peace operations. Serbian soldiers have taken part in UN and EU led missions for 16 years.