How to apply for the African Standby Capacity? Infofilm on the world's first continental civilian personnel roster for peace operations


Seven out of 14 United Nations peacekeeping missions operate on the African continent. But the African Union and its regional organizations are also increasingly involved in the field of peace and security on the continent by authorizing and mandating peace missions. The AU operates the largest peace mission in the world: AMISOM in Somalia.

As UN mission, AU peace support operations are multdimensional in nature as well. This means that they comprise of military, police as well as civilian staff. While military and police are deployed by AU member states directly, an AU civilian personnel pool is being utilized for the majority of civilian deployments. The pool is named African Standby Capacity. It is jointly administered by the AU Commission and AU regional organizations - it is therefore the first civilian personnel pool worldwide.

ZIF strongly supports the AU pool since the year 2012 through conceptional development, technical lessons learned and project management. Hence we are very proud and happy to see the pool starting to be used as a recruitement tool. Qualified African civilian experts are now invited to apply for admission to the pool. But how? A new info video reveals it.

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