Discussions with the Peacekeeping leaders: USG Lacroix, ASG Keita and SRSG Zerrougui at ZIF

At ZIF After Work Briefing, hosted by Almut Wieland-Karimi

USG Lacroix

SRSG Zerrougui - all pictures @ZIF


It is a rare occasion to host that many high level UN-Peacekeeping representatives at once at ZIF: due to an internal retreat many UN-Mission Heads and senior level representatives from the headquarters have met in Berlin, to have a strategic discussion, not in the field and behind closed doors.

The UN Department for Peace Operations (DPO) and the UN Department for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) have been invited by the Federal Foreign Ministry; ZIF supported by hosting high-level informal events.

Part of it was an After Work Briefing in Tuesday, 19. February, with UN Under-Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix, UN Assistant Secretary-General Bintou Keita and the Head of the UN-Mission in the DR Congo, Leila Zerrougui. The participants openly discussed the on-going restructuring and reform of UN-Peacekeeping, known as “Action for Peacekeeping” (A4P). Internal structures are being streamlined and connected more closely, resources are being made available more readily and eventually the whole missions’ performance is being enhanced. Nevertheless, challenges in certain regions have been a topic during the evening as well. We deeply appreciate the great interest expressed for these topics.

We were also pleased to welcome certain Heads of Missions for personal consultations at ZIF. For members of the German Bundestag, a small Briefing had been organised on Wednesday morning, the Heads of the Missions of UNAMID in Sudan and UNMISS in South-Sudan focused on the conflicts in the region. “First-hand” reports are especially useful when the extension of mandates is being discussed (read more on this in our current ZIF Kompakt).

MONUSCO-Head Leila Zerrougui answered journalists’ questions at a press briefing on Wednesday. Especially the future of the country and potential changes after the elections and change of regime were in the focus – and also the work and future of the biggest UN-Mission on the planet. Zerrougui expressed her strong commitment to support the state authorities in this possible transformation process – stabilisation is the overarching goal of the mission. More on the mandate of this and others missions can be found on our interactive world map www.missionsandmandates.org.

This was for ZIF as well a very special opportunity to foster the exchange with leading personnel of the UN – after the DSRSG-Dialogue for Deputy UN-Mission Heads last week now the continuation in many different formats with the Heads of Missions.