Teasing Peace Operations – The Core Course Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations


How do I behave in a negotiation? What is Community Oriented Policing? How do I read a map and use a radio? Conflict Analysis, what is that actually and why do I need it? And how do I eventually get to work in a peace operation? These questions, among others, were addressed and answered during our core course Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations (CGTPO) which took place for the fourth time in Brühl in February 2020.

The course is organised and conducted in close cooperation with the Police Academy North Rhine-Westphalia (LAFP Brühl). The one-week-long course covers a range of different topics from conflict analysis, negotiation, mediation, conflict sensitive project management to intercultural awareness and ought to prepare the participants for their future work in a peacekeeping mission. Moreover, the course provides the possibility for intensive exchange of experiences and expectations with other participants with civilian, police or military backgrounds. This comprehensive approach builds the basis of the course and is not just represented among the participants but also among the trainers, who come from a civilian, police and military context. Not just our principles as the comprehensive approach or duty of care are in the focus of the training but also insights in mission reality, wherefore ZIF has developed a fictitious mission to the divided crisis state “Orania”.

To give more and deeper insights into mission reality is also the goal of the week-long Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), which follows the CGTPO Training and takes place in the UN Training Centre of the German Armed Forces in Hammelburg. Part of this program are among others dealing with stress in fragile crisis situations, risk prevention, first aid in the field, acting in complex and dangerous situations, and off-road driving.

With the successful participation in the two-week course, the participants reach the last stage of the admission procedure into the ZIF civilian expert roster. Moreover, they are prepared and ready to be seconded to international organisations like the UN, EU or OSCE. We wish all the best to all our participants on their way into a peace operation!