Mission Training in the "Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations"


What are necessary skills and competences for civilian experts to have once they are deployed to international field missions? Their suitability does not only depend on their expertise in their respective field but also on whether they had adequate preparation.

The “Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations” (CGTPO) has been created to grant that preparation for field deployments. The Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) organized the course together with the State Office for Education, Training, and Personnel Matters of the North Rhine-Westphalian police for the sixth consecutive year in Brühl (3 Oct. – 11 Oct. 2019). An essential part of the CGTPO is conveying the “integrated approach”.

The military, police, and civilian components were represented through the professional background of both the trainers and the participants in Brühl. The composition allowed all people involved to share their respective specialized knowledge. The combination of national and international personnel from three continents as well as the use of interactive, practical exercises contributed to effectively simulate the reality of a field mission.

The course was also created to sharpen the perception of all participants and give them the opportunity to tackle more areas of interest, including project management, negotiations skills, gender awareness, local ownership, support for participatory processes and sustainability.  

One highlight of the course was an interactive role play, developed by ZIF. It places all players in a fictitious scenario – a peace mission in “Orania”, a country in crisis – and thus shows them the complexity of a possible crisis scenario. All participants learn through the role play how to employ strategic negotiation skills and how to communicate effectively.

The CGTPO is complemented by a “Hostile Environment Awareness Training” (HEAT). The training directly adjoined the time in Brühl and took place at the United Nations Training Center of the Bundeswehr in Hammelburg. Participants learned how to deal with fragile situations of stress, how to engage in effective risk prevention and could update their First Aid knowledge. They developed strategies to handle dangerous and complex situations and were empowered to act confidently in all possible future scenarios.