ENTRi under the microscope: Added value of a European civilian capacity-building consortium


What's the added value of ENTRi, Europe's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management? The results of external and internal evaluations on ENTRi can be found in a study entitled “ENTRi under the Microscope: Added value of a European civilian capacity-building consortium.” The study looks at all of ENTRi activities from January 2011 to October 2017.

ENTRi aims at enabling staff to work in a more efficient, effective and sustainable manner in order to achieve their missions’ mandates and to play a positive role in the effective management of international civilian crisis missions. To that end, the ENTRi consortium of 13 training institutions has developed a variety of tools to support crisis managers. Such tools include training courses and packages, handbooks, a certification mechanism to ensure a minimum standard of course content across institutions and peer mechanisms to help organisations learn from each other.

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