EUPCST Training on Team and Conflict Management in Peace Operations hosted in Berlin


How can I build and motivate my team? How can I manage conflicts in my work / mission life effectively? What is good leadership? How can I be more culturally sensitive? 

19 civilian experts, police officers and gendarme from ten different countries learned, reflected and discussed these and other questions in last week’s Team and Conflict Management in Peace Operations course in Berlin. For one week, three trainers from ZIF, the Federal Police Academy and the Staff and Command College from the German Armed Forces facilitated role plays, reflection exercises and at times heated debates about leadership, trust, emotions and how to deal with biases in international team work.

“We cannot change our ‘natural’ way of acting, but we can always learn from our weaknesses”, stated one participant as their learning highlight of the week. Good cooperation and mutual support in the team as well as between staff members and their superiors are among other things prerequisites for team resilience, a productive working environment and ultimately the implementation of the mandate. The course offered participants the opportunity to test, reflect upon and further develop their knowledge and skills in leadership, teamwork and conflict management. Underlining the content with personal experiences created a great learning environment. The additional bonus of doing so with a professionally and culturally diverse group was one of the key aspects that made the course a success for many participants.

This training was the first course by ZIF in cooperation with the Federal Police Academy run under the EUPCST project. EUPCST stands for European Union Police and Civilian Services Training, which is a joint project by over 23 European gendarmerie forces, police forces and civilian partner organizations to develop and conduct courses and exercises for civilian crisis management.