In-mission Training at UNMIK Kosovo


From 8-12 July, ZIF carried out a training course on "Team and Conflict Management" at the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), in cooperation with the Federal Police Academy. The 21 participants came from nine organizations, including UNMIK, the UN Kosovo Team, EULEX, OSCE, KFOR and the EU delegation.

The aim of the course was to reflect on the role of culture and diversity in peace operations, to learn culturally sensitive communication and the ability to analyze and manage conflicts in a mission context. In addition, the participants learned about leadership and different methods to motivate and strengthen their teams. Especially the role plays - in which leaders became team members and international staff became national staff - created a better (self-) awareness for different situations regarding leadership and conflict management.

The chief political adviser to the EU Special Representative remarked that the course made her appreciate the cultural diversity of international teams as a privilege and opportunity. The Deputy SRSG, closing the training on behalf of the SRSG, expressed his gratitude to the trainers. “This reaffirms the importance of investing in our people,” he said. “We hope that there will be other opportunities like this in the future.”

On-site training courses have the benefit of bringing together international and national staff from one or several international organizations who contribute different perspectives on the context and their work. The course allows a facilitated dialogue between the participants and is an excellent opportunity to take an active time out from the daily routine to reflect upon one’s motivation, attitudes, approaches, impact and relationships.

If you are interested in conducting an in-country training in your mission, please contact Brigitta von Messling (b.vonmessling(at)