New ZIF Policy Briefing on Mediation


Germany has long recognized the importance of civilian crisis management and has supported the enhancement of relevant instruments. Thus far, Germany’s engagement in mediation has focused primarily on support functions, such as capacity development of and financial support for international organizations’ mediation efforts, as well as political support. However, in its new foreign policy guidelines released last year, Germany committed to further expanding its mediation capabilities, including through increasing its direct participation in mediation processes. With high expectations on the part of the international community on Germany taking a more prominent role on the global stage, Germany is right to take a measured approach to its ambitions.

In their Policy Briefing "From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage: Enhancing Germany's Role in International Peace Mediation", Alischa Kugel and Sebastian Dworack outline some fields in which Germany is already active, as well as five key areas where Germany should focus its efforts in order to prepare itself for a more visible role in international peace mediation.