OCHA course "Preparedness and Response Effectiveness Programme"


Neutrality, humanity, impartiality and independence are central principles along which humanitarian operations are to be coordinated. In this spirit, ZIF hosted the “Preparedness and Response Effectiveness Programme (PREP)” from 15 to 20 September, prepared and conducted by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of the United Nations. This year's PREP course was attended by 25 experts from various UN and EU humanitarian agencies, humanitarian NGOs and the military - including three ZIF experts.

In order to improve interaction and coordination in the field between various actors, such as UN humanitarian agencies, local contacts, NGOs and military representatives in humanitarian crisis situations, OCHA developed the "Preparedness and Response Effectiveness Programme" (PREP) in 2015.

The training contents aim to convey practical and operational topics such as "Humanitarian Access", "Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination" and "Information Management & Sharing" and to inform participants about the challenges of various crisis scenarios through case studies and simulations. The trainer team consisted of OCHA staff and NGO representatives. In a vivid learning atmosphere, the training provided not only a platform for effective communication of the central training objectives, but also a forum for exchange and networking among the participants.       

Since 2011, ZIF has been working with OCHA within the framework of the Stand-By Partnership Programme (SBPP), politically and financially supported by the Federal Foreign Office. The programme was developed to support the coordination of crisis operations through the short-term provision and training of qualified experts. Through various cooperation activities with OCHA, ZIF contributes to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of international humanitarian aid in complex crisis situations.