Peer Coaching: Mediation Workshop with the Federal Foreign Office


Following this year's Ambassadors' Conference of the Federal Foreign Office (FFO), the Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF) and the FFO’s Directorate General Stabilization invited eleven diplomats from selected German missions abroad to a peer coaching mediation workshop on 29 August. This year's participants of the "Mediation Workshop" are supporting activities in the field of peace mediation in their current countries of deployment.

The aim of the peer exchange format is to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences, in which high-ranking diplomats can share their ongoing mediation support activities, reflect upon lessons learned and best practices and jointly consult on possible peace mediation initiatives. On the basis of concrete case studies, the possibilities and challenges of peace mediation as a foreign policy instrument as well as possible entry points for embassies to support ongoing peace mediation processes have been core issues of this year’s mediation workshop.             

Since 2016, ZIF has already conducted four "Peer Coachings Mediation and Diplomacy" with the Federal Foreign Office. In addition, ZIF has developed and implemented similar peer exchange formats with partners such as the external Action Service of the European Union, the African Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.