ZIF hosted workshop to develop refresher curriculum for security (HEAT) courses


All ZIF experts know the term HEAT has little to do with temperature, but refers to the so-called Hostile Enviroment Awareness Training that all secondees attend before being deployed to the field.

Mission security is a continuous process not just a one-time training. For this reason, discussions on how to best refresh knowledge gained in a HEAT training have been around for some time. The primary aim behind these efforts is to counter unhealthy routines that often slowly creep into the daily lives of experts in mission contexts, in some cases with serious consequences.

For this reason, ZIF had invited security and training experts to Berlin to develop the curriculum for a refresher course for the HEAT curriculum (Re-HEAT). The relevant course contents and methodical approaches were discussed in a collegial and constructive atmosphere. On this basis, a joint course concept is now being developed. ZIF is planning to deliver a Re-HEAT pilot course in the course of next year.