Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defense at ZIF

Pictures: ZIF


On 13 June Deputy Minister of Defense, General Nguyen Chi Vinh, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam attended ZIF with his delegation. Not long ago Vietnam has been elected as non-permanent member to the UN Security Council for the years 2020/21. In recent years it has increased its contribution to UN peacekeeping operations, for example with its field hospital for the mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The focal point was the selection and preparation of civilian experts for international missions. In addition to its UN engagement, Vietnam plans to militarily participate in EU missions in Africa. Civilian capacities are planned as well, nevertheless. The Vietnamese authority to coordinate such efforts is the Agency for peace operations, which is part of the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense. It is planned to facilitate close communication with ZIF in the future.

In late 2019 an international conference on women in UN peace operations is planned to be hosted in Vietnam. ZIF is happy to help in the preparation of the event.<xml></xml>