Supporting Peace Negotiation and Mediation Processes at Track I - Interactive Training Course on Mediation and Negotiation

Photos: ZIF


Due to complex conflict structures and the variety of actors and their interests, mediation processes demand thorough conflict analyses, advanced communication skills and most of all, patience. With a focus on the pre-negotiation phase, ZIF conducted a course in cooperation with Berghof Foundation on Supporting Peace Negotiation and Mediation Processes at Track I – Exploring Options for Negotiated Settlements from October 25 to 30, 2015 in Berlin.

18 participants from five different countries worked on topics such as sustainable conflict solutions, roles of third parties in post-conflict settings, the integration of local mediators, and the challenges of dealing with asymmetric conflicts. By designing the course very interactively, participants were able to apply the tools and skills they learned directly in simulations and role plays. They did not only benefit from the extensive experience from their trainers, who are mediators in international crises, but also from sharing their own experiences from OSCE and EU missions, NGOs and from other international work in the field of mediation.

During this course, ZIF and Berghof Foundation invited an experienced peace mediator. Dr. Joyce Neu has worked with the Carter Center and the UN Standby Mediation Team and is the founder of Facilitating Peace, a consultant network for conflict resolution and peace consolidation. She shared personal insights from her work as woman in a field often dominated by men and talked about the challenges she has faced in her mediation work.

The course participants concluded that the skills and tools they learned were not only appropriate but also increasingly important for their work with international conflicts. To this effect, Germany has shown initiative and works towards contributing more to the field of peace mediation. For further information on Germany’s foreign policy on peace mediation, click here.

This was the pilot course of a 3-course series. The following courses will be offered in 2016 and will be announced in the training calendar on our website.