SWP „Point of View“ on Civilian CSDP Compact


On 19 November 2018, EU foreign ministers adopted the Civilian CSDP Compact. Although the process as such was a necessary step, Tobias Pietz (ZIF) and Judith Vorrath (SWP) argue in this “Point of View” that the Compact falls short of putting EU civilian crisis management on a new footing. New and substantial commitments  the Compact strived for have not yet materialized.

The only – but quite significant exception – is the announced German commitment to provide tangible support to the Compact through the establishment of a new European centre of excellence for civilian crisis management. This can hopefully trigger stronger contributions from other member states.

In the process leading up to the joint Action Plan for the Compact, to be presented in spring 2019, Germany should, thus, closely consult with those countries with a particular interest in civilian CSDP. Overall, member states need to come up with clearer, substantial commitments and serious national implementation plans for the Compact.