Germany’s Training Partner Platform (TPP) at this year's Conference of the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centers (EAPTC) in Belgrade

Photo: Small Arms Survey


At this year's conference of the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centers (TPP) in Belgrade, ZIF again appeared together with TPP-partner institutions from the police and Bundeswehr (Federal Police Academy, the State Bureau for Training, Education and Personnel of the North Rhine-Westphalian Police, Police Academy Baden-Württemberg, UN Training Centre of the German Armed Forces). The Comprehensive Approach, trademark of the TPP, was thus once again not only talked about but put into practice. Around 100 people from around 50 organizations were present at the conference. A novelty compared to previous conferences was the simultaneous participation of representatives of the UN, the EU (CPCC) and the OSCE (Secretariat).

Among the topics discussed was the future function of the EAPTC in an (international) training architecture for peace operations. Furthermore, questions related to conflict analysis, mediation and leadership training were discussed. Numerous meetings with other participants made the conference an important element in ZIF's international networking strategy to advance aspects such as the Comprehensive Approach, conflict analysis (here: SAM) and the growing role of ZIF in leadership training.