UN OCHA Course „Information Management Preparedness and Coordination Training (Impact)” in Berlin, March 4th – 10th

Pictures: ZIF


So-called “information manager” (IM) are assigned with the task to deliver predictable, credible and consistent products and services to support decision-making and coordination processes in their countries of service. To best equip the IMs for their jobs, ZIF, as partner organization of UN OCHA, supported an IMPACT course in Berlin this spring.

IMPACT stands for “Information Management Preparedness and Coordination Training”. During the weeklong course, the participants were introduced to the IMs´ tasks. They learned more about data analysis as well as different information platforms and processes. Practical trainings, like workshops on presentation techniques or other soft skills were also part of the course.

Overall, 36 participants from all over the world came to Berlin; most of them were already active as information managers. Experienced trainers gave the participants a theoretical as well as practical insight into the world of information management and also offered possibilities for exchange and networking. The participants´ and trainers´ heterogeneous backgrounds turned the training into a diversified and informative week in a comfortable atmosphere.

Since 2011, ZIF has been collaborating with OCHA within the framework of the Stand-By Partnership (SBP). This collaboration entails the deployment of qualified experts on an ad hoc basis to humanitarian crisis areas as well as the support of training activities. Through the support of training courses conducted by OCHA, ZIF contributes to improving the efficiency in complex humanitarian emergencies in the field. Since its beginning, the cooperation between UN-OCHA and ZIF has been politically and financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.