ZIF Briefing with UN Under-Secretary-General for the prevention of genocide


On 14 January, ZIF hosted a lunch for Under-Secretary-General and SRSG Adama Dieng, Special Advisor on the prevention of genocide, which included representatives from the German Foreign Office as well as other think tanks and NGOs. SRSG Dieng spoke about his global mandate which went beyond genocide but included the prevention of atrocities and war crimes. The discussion covered a variety of topics, including developments in Africa and Asia, as well as the rise of populism and the far right in Europe as well as in the USA. The Special Advisor pointed to the importance of the Security Council in addressing atrocities, but also to its failure in acting accordingly. While early warning was ample, it was early action that was problematic. He noted that the Council should be challenged to perform better in this regard, and was happy that Germany – who is a “friend to his mandate”, was now on the Council for a two year term.