Comprehensive approach – opportunities and challenges


One room. 20 people. Three police officers, two military men and 15 civilian experts. They sit at four tables, discussing their cooperation and the challenges it poses. What brings these 20 people together?

What they all have in common is that they took part in the ZIF Core Course “Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations” (CGTPO) from 6-21 September 2018 in preparation for their future participation in peace operations. The “comprehensive approach” was a central topic of the course, which for the first time included not only prospective members of the ZIF expert pool, police officers and international experts from Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, but also members of the German Armed Forces. For the third time this year, the training was conducted in close cooperation with the police of North Rhine-Westphalia. For the first time, the training team consisted of civilian, police and military trainers. The comprehensive approach is an elementary component of the ZIF concept "Civil Expert". The self-reflection skills as well as the methodical, professional and social competences were strengthened. Along a crisis scenario developed by ZIF, the participants gained insights into the work of UN, OSCE and EU peace operations.

In the second week, in addition to an off-road driving training, the "Hostile Environment Awareness Training" was conducted in Hammelburg. In cooperation with the UN Training Centre of the German Armed Forces, the participants were practically prepared for fragile situations and behaviour in hostile environments that they could encounter while working in the field. Topics such as "safety and risk prevention", "behaviour in complex situations" and "stress management" were dealt with.

CGTPO is the last stage of the admission process to the ZIF expert pool, the German (civilian) participants therefore receive an additional one-day briefing by the ZIF HR team. Membership in the expert rooster is a prerequisite for their secondment to EU, OSCE, and UN peace operations as well as NATO and other regional organisations.