Putting the Comprehensive Approach into Practice – the Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations

Pictures: ZIF


For the fifth time ZIF is currently conducting the basic course ‘Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations (CGTPO)’ together with the Police Academy North Rhine-Westphalia (LAFP Brühl). The entire training lives the ‘comprehensive approach’, as civilian as well as police and military expertise was present among trainers as well as participants. The international group of participants united three continents and thus depicted the real mission context. This year the certification of the course was also awarded with the ENTRi seal.

From 7 to 22 March 2019, peace experts go on a fictitious mission to the divided crisis state 'Orania', a scenario specifically developed for this course by ZIF. In a variety of interactive modules, skills such as conflict analysis, negotiation techniques, project management and consultation with (inter)national partner organisations are practiced. In this way, not only knowledge, expertise and experience are shared at eye level, but the deeper attitude of future and current peace experts are positively shaped.

The civilian experts are currently in the second part of the training at the UN Training Centre of the German Armed Forces in Hammelburg. The 'Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)' prepares them in particular for dealing with stress in fragile crisis situations, risk prevention, first aid in the field and behaviour in complex and dangerous situations. In this context, the participants also learn off-road driving, an important prerequisite for deployment in a mission.

With the successful participation in the two-week course, the participants reach the last stage of the admission procedure into the ZIF expert pool. The HR colleagues of ZIF therefore used one day to convey important information on secondment to organisations such as the EU, OSCE, NATO, UN. Membership in the ZIF Expert Pool is a prerequisite for this.