Workforce Planning Exercise at ECOWAS in Nigeria


As part of continuous efforts to strengthen the capacities of regional partners of the African Standby Capacity (ASC), ZIF, ECOWAS, UNOAU und members of the African Union met in Abuja, Nigeria from 9-13 September 2019 in order to assess internal processes at ECOWAS and to provide recommendations for improvement. The main focus was on the efficient use of the ASC roster and related recruitment processes, including the communication and coordination mechanisms with applicants, the composition of interview panels as well as the setup and documentation of competency based interviews. In addition, ideas for knowledge management, improved gender balance and outreach activities with civil-society actors were discussed. After numerous meetings, workshops and in-depth discussions, ECOWAS was provided with an analysis report and corresponding work plan, outlining the identified recommended actions for implementation.


The African Standby Capacity is the African Union's continental roster of civilian expers to be deployed into multi-dimensional AU peace support operations. It is managed jointly by the AU Commission and Regional Organizations. While military and police are deployed for AU peace operations by the member states, it is the ASC that provides the majority of civilian experts. Qualified candidates can apply for admission into the pool. ZIF supports the development of the ASC through technical implementation, strategy and project development since 2012. Follow the African Standby Capacity on Twitter to get the latest updates: @AU_ASC.