Workshop for Egyptian parliamentary staff on election observation


During a two-day workshop (April 17-18, 2013), ZIF in cooperation with inmedio berlin briefed Egyptian parliamentary staff on international election observation. It covered international agreements and criteria for free elections as well as the methodology and structures of international election observation missions.

The participants were particularly interested in the role of short-term election observers. They also discussed in depth the possible impact of election observation missions on the development of electoral legislation and execution thereof in a state during transition. This owes much to the fact that the necessity of international election observation missions are highly contested in Egypt. During the first free elections after Mubarak’s fall, NGOs such as the Carter Center were invited to follow the events as “witnesses” and not as “observers”. A European Union election observation mission was not present. However, the EU was invited to send a team of election observers for the upcoming parliamentary elections. A team of experts has already assessed the situation and conditions on the ground – the final decision is still pending. A new date for the Egyptian parliamentary elections is also yet to be determined after the latest postponement.