For this exciting new blog “100 Voices on Technology and Peace Operations”, we called on a diverse community of experts – national and international, public and private – to share their views on how digital technologies and innovation could foster sustainable peace. The goal is to provide a dynamic and innovative forum for discussing the opportunities, challenges and impact of digital technologies on peace operations and explore a wide range of ideas in short pieces on specific questions or issues.

Discussions around the use of technology in and for peace operations are not new. The 2015 Performance Peacekeeping Final Report of the Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation in UN Peacekeeping called on the UN to become a learning and innovation organisation. Five years on, TECHPOPS seeks to support ongoing policy processes, to advance the exchange of lessons and experiences among different practitioner communities, and to gaze over the horizon at possible future applications, innovation and technologies that can help promote inclusive, sustainable peace.

ZIF has been engaged in issues surrounding technology and peace operations for a number of years. Most recently, in October last year, we hosted an Expert Dialogue on Technology and Peace Operations in collaboration with the UN Department of Peace Operations, which brought together around 40 representatives of international organisations, civil society, research, practice and private sector. Through TECHPOPS, ZIF will continue to foster this network and continue the conversation on the ever-evolving field of digital technology and peace operations.

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