Two new board positions held by ZIF members


Today, Friday 30.11.2018, the Beirat für Fragen der Inneren Führung der Bundeswehr meets for ist constitutive session. For the new term ZIF’s Deputy Executive Director and Head of Analysis is part of the board. The Advisory Board consists of 22 members and six permanent guests. It is an independent advisory body to the Minister of Defence and comprises/is made up of representatives from politics, business, associations, churches and the media. The board is directly contributing to the Minister’s work and delivers recommendations and statements on questions concerning the leadership of the German armed forces. It functions as a link between society and the armed forces. Topics are based on current developments and their consequences for the armed forces. The selection of topics takes place by both the members of the board and the Minister.

Moreover, Dr. Wibke Hansen, Head of Analysis, is a member of the UN-political Advisory Board of the Federal Foreign Office since this summer. The board advises the Federal Foreign Office on political, economic and legal aspects concerning the UN. It is based on an exchange of knowledge of representatives from science and practice/field-experts. The board was constituted by a decree of the Federal Foreign Office and its members are appointed by it likewise.