Second Networking-Meeting for German Civilian Personnel in UN Peace Missions

Pictures: ZIF


For the second time we invited to the network-meeting for German civilian personnel in Peace Operations of the UN. At the beginning of December, experts from over 15 peace operations travelled to Berlin to exchange ideas, but also to stay in close contact with us and the Federal Foreign Office.

In different formats the participants discussed their insights and challenges of their respective every-day working routines. ZIF contributed too, by presenting new products on and methods for the work in peace operations. The Federal Foreign Office reported on the most important aspects of the German membership in the UN Security Council 2019/2020 and on its activities in the field of civil crisis prevention in the UN context.

Additionally, David Haeri, director of the UN Department for Policy, Evaluation and Training, informed the participants on current developments of peacekeeping reforms at UN headquarters.

The direct network is helpful for work in the field - and it can also help newcomers to find their way. Some initiatives to improve communication and for mutual support were started, which will be further developed within the upcoming months.

In cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, the network-meeting is part of our efforts to strengthen German civilian contributions in UN Peace Missions.