Our Divisions

Human Resources

German civilian personnel serve in some 40 UN, EU and OSCE peace operations worldwide. ZIF is the German government’s initial point of contact for recruiting and supporting these experts. ZIF also sends several hundred election observers on international EU and OSCE missions every year. In order to be able to recruit qualified personnel in a timely manner, ZIF maintains an expert roster of around 1,200 qualified experts. The selection process includes an online application, interviews and the participation in a training course.

International Capacity Development (ICD)

On the basis of ZIF’s internationally recognized experience in developing and strengthening civilian capacities as part of multi-lateral peace operations, the ICD team offers consultancy services and opportunities for knowledge transfer to inter alia assist the development of personnel roster systems in partner countries and international organizations, to strengthen structures at the interface of peace operations and humanitarian aid and actively contributes to capacity development efforts in peace mediation and mediation support. Hereby, our focus lies on identification of conceptual and structural challenges and the subsequent development of needs-based solutions. The ICD team on the one hand acts as pivot for knowledge exchange with multilateral peace operations and international partners in the field of civilian crisis prevention and conflict transformation. On the other hand, it supports ZIF in its operative duties and its transformation to an implementing and seconding agency of the German Federal Foreign Office.


Peace operations demand very specific qualifications and skills. Every year, up to 300 experts from a wide range of professions pass through ZIF’s basic and specialized courses. We keep our spectrum of courses under continuous review and are always looking to adapt our training courses to the demands of today’s peace operations. We particularly focus on the needs of UN, EU and OSCE missions. In the interest of an integrated approach, ZIF works closely with the German police and Armed Forces and coordinates a platform for shared use of training resources.


The increasing size and scope of peace operations have led to a growing demand for information, research and policy advice. ZIF’s analysis and information products aim both to provide support to decision-makers in parliament and government and to contribute to a broader public debate on peace operations. ZIF also strengthens the dialog between policy-makers
and practitioners, supports national and international capacity building measures and contributes to the continuous evolution of peace operation
concepts and strategies.