Supporting the African Union on developing an African Standby Capacity

Based on our extensive know how in the fields of selection, recruitment, training and support of civilian experts in peace operations, we advise the African Union on the establishment of the AU Civilian Standby Capacity. In addition to the development of workflows and human resource policies in the area of selection, recruitment and deployment of civilian personnel for peace operations, we support the adaptation of a personal database serving the special needs of the African Union for a rapid deployment.

ZIF’s contributions include:

  • Advising on the development of human resource policies and administrative directives as well as supporting the creation of conducive political contexts;
  • Networking and promoting increased exchange on personnel-oriented working methods and multilateral instruments in the field of human resources; 
  • Coordinating the modification of a personnel database for the management of a personnel roster on the basis of ZIFdatabase;
  • Capacity building and training measures on effective roster management for representatives of the African Union Commission and regional organisations.

The Commission of the African Union inaugurated the African Standby Capacity on the 24th of June 2015.




The project is being implemented in cooperation with and funded by the GIZ.