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UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (UN-led)
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A new approach for the UN to stabilise the DR Congo – ICG briefing (04.12.2019)

The Security Council has an opening to rethink its approach to DR Congo with this month’s mandate renewal of the UN peacekeeping mission. The council should prioritise local conflict resolution and bolstering President Tshisekedi’s efforts to improve regional relations to combat over 100 armed...

Heavy gunfire erupts as DR Congo's anti-UN protests continue (02.12.2019)

At least two people reportedly killed as demonstrations continue demanding UN peacekeepers leave the Beni area.

Attacks on UN troops in Congo 'not the solution': Denis Mukwege (29.11.2019)

Angry locals in eastern Congo have accused a UN mission of failing to prevent a massacre. But in an interview with DW, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Congo native Denis Mukwege argues the mission is a necessary presence.

UN investigating whether UN peacekeeper killed protester in Beni (27.11.2019)

[…] The death occurred on Tuesday in the eastern city of Beni where locals have been demonstrating against MONUSCO, accusing it of failing to protect them against a notorious militia.

Violence forces DRC Ebola responders out of critical areas (26.11.2019)

More than one-third of the United Nation’s Ebola responders in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo city of Beni were relocated Tuesday amid growing insecurity in the area, while the other responders remained to help combat the deadly outbreak.

UN working to prevent attacks on civilians in eastern DRC (26.11.2019)

Peacekeepers from the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were conducting extensive patrols in the east of the country on Tuesday, one day after demonstrators set fire to buildings to protest lack of civilian protection in the face of attacks by armed groups.

Congo court hands life sentence to warlord for murder, sexual violence (19.11.2019)

The court, in the eastern city of Bukavu, also found Congo's government liable for failing to protect victims of the Raia Mutomboki militia and ordered it to pay compensation to more than 300 victims.

UNHCR: Eastern DRC's forcibly displaced victims of human rights violations (12.11.2019)

The UN refugee agency reports hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu and Ituri provinces are living in abject poverty and subject to mass human rights violations.

War crimes judges sentence Congolese warlord Ntaganda to 30 years in prison (07.11.2019)

The International Criminal Court sentenced former Congolese military leader Bosco Ntaganda on Thursday to 30 years in prison for atrocities including murder, rape and conscripting child soldiers. Ntaganda, 46, was found guilty in July on 18 charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for acts...

DR Congo launches large-scale operation against rebels (01.11.2019)

Armed forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo said an offensive against rebel groups in the country's east has been launched while efforts continue to contain a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus. … An estimated 160 rebel groups with a total of more than 20,000 fighters are still active in the...

DRC unrest sparks concerns of regional refugee crisis (29.10.2019)

Months of unrelenting militia attacks in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are driving more people from their homes, adding to the millions already displaced and threatening to spread insecurity elsewhere in Africa's Great Lakes region, observers warn.

UN says will not back any foreign intervention in DR Congo (25.10.2019)

The UN on Friday ruled out giving any support to countries neighbouring DR Congo if they intervene militarily in the east of the country, which is plagued by militia violence. The prospect of joint military intervention by DR Congo and its neighbours has surfaced in the light of a meeting of senior...

Support 'winds of change' in DRC to consolidate positive developments, urges UN mission chief (09.10.2019)

Recent positive trends could help transform the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) into a stable country, the head of the UN operation there told the Security Council on Wednesday. … “Regional diplomatic initiatives have been rolled out, a coalition government has been put in place with an...

Thousands of Congolese refugees returning to conflict-battered Kasai (08.10.2019)

Fighting that erupted in Kasai province between armed groups and DRC security forces in 2016 has lessened and security conditions have improved. The UN refugee agency says it expects to assist more than 4,000 refugees in Angola who want to return to their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's...

DR Congo says Hutu militia commander shot dead (18.09.2019)

The Democratic Republic of Congo's military says it has shot dead Rwandan Hutu rebel leader Sylvestre Mudacumura. The International Criminal Court had sought his arrest on war crime charges.

DR Congo President and UN chief meet at a ‘historic moment’ for democracy in the country (02.09.2019)

On the third and final day of his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), UN chief António Guterres declared that the country is experiencing a historic moment, which could herald the development of democratic institutions.

New Congo government shows influence of former president (26.08.2019)

Congo’s prime minister announced a new government on Monday, eight months after President Felix Tshisekedi won an election, with around two thirds of posts going to allies of former president Joseph Kabila. … The cabinet list released by Prime Minister Illunga Illunkamba on Monday consisted mostly...

With security improving in DR Congo’s Kasai, thousands of refugees head home from Angola (23.08.2019)

As security has improved in the restive Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), some 8,500 refugees have left the Lóvua settlement in Angola’s north-east Lunda Norte province in the past week, hoping to cross the border and return home, according to the UN refugee agency.

Ebola spreads to remote, militia-run Congo territory (19.08.2019)

The widening geographic spread of the virus, and its presence in yet another zone under the sway of armed groups, raises the risk of it spreading out of control.

Displaced by DR Congo violence, survivors’ testimonies highlight brutality of armed militia (16.08.2019)

Two months since hundreds of thousands of people fled violence in north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), UN humanitarians warned on Friday that armed militia continue to make their safe return impossible.

1,900 civilians killed in Kivus over 2 years (14.08.2019)

Armed groups in Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern Kivu provinces have killed 1,900 civilians and abducted more than 3,300 others between June 2017 and June 2019, Human Rights Watch and the New York University-based Congo Research Group said in a report released today.

UN: almost 700 summary executions in DRC in 6 months (25.07.2019)

Nearly 700 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were victims of summary and extrajudicial executions this year, with a third carried out by security forces, the United Nations reported on Thursday.

‘Deadly environment’ plus ‘political and social’ obstacles hinder Ebola fight in DRC, Security Council hears (24.07.2019)

The problems of eradicating Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are not only medical, but also linked “to a variety of political and social factors”, the head of the UN mission in the country told the Security Council on Wednesday.


Ebola outbreak now a Public Health Emergency, UN health agency declares (17.07.2019)

The second worst Ebola outbreak of all time, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was officially declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on Wednesday, with the head of the World Health Organization calling for countries to ‘take notice and redouble our efforts”.

UN sees a path to peace in Kasai region (10.07.2019)

A team of UN experts reports a decrease in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai region and they say a change in governing authorities may present an opening for peace and reconciliation in the troubled region. The team has presented a report Wednesday on the current situation in...

‘Beyond reasonable doubt’, international court convicts notorious rebel leader of war crimes (08.07.2019)

The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday, found former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”, of 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in the volatile Ituri district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), between 2002 and 2003.

DR Congo president calls Ituri violence 'attempted genocide' (03.07.2019)

President Felix Tshisekedi described interethnic bloodshed in DRC's northeast as "attempted genocide" after scores of people were killed and tens of thousands displaced. The leader of the Democratic Republic of the Congo said the violence appeared to be a "plot" and vowed to "find out the truth"...

UN extends DRC sanctions as refugee flows increase (26.06.2019)

With civilians fleeing a spate of inter-ethnic violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday extended its arms embargo, asset freeze and a travel ban on the country until July 2020.

Thousands of refugees flee as inter-ethnic violence flares in DR Congo (25.06.2019)

The United Nations refugee agency reports around 7,500 Congolese refugees have fled to Uganda this month to escape escalating inter-ethnic violence.

After strategic review, what should be done with MONUSCO? (24.06.2019)

In March, the United Nations Security Council called for a “strategic review” of the UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). Part of this review is to include a well-articulated possible exit strategy for the mission. What remains to be seen is whether the...

300,000 flee flare-up of ethnic violence in north-eastern DR Congo (18.06.2019)

More than 300,000 people have been forced to flee resurgent inter-ethnic violence in north-east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) just this month, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Tuesday. Citing multiple attacks and counter-attacks between Hema herders and Lendu farmers, UNHCR...

At least 161 dead in northeast Congo in apparent ethnic clashes (17.06.2019)

At least 161 people have been killed in a northeastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo in the past week, local officials said on Monday, in an apparent resurgence of ethnic clashes between farming and herding communities.

Armed groups in eastern DRC threaten efforts to build peace (03.06.2019)

Veteran Algerian diplomat Said Djinnit recently stepped down as United Nations Special Envoy to the Great Lakes (UNSEGL). PSC Report asked him about the situation in the region and the role of African Union (AU) institutions such as the Peace and Security Council and regional economic communities.

UN creates new Ebola chief role to tackle security, political issues in Congo (23.05.2019)

The United Nations named an Emergency Ebola Response Coordinator on Thursday, creating a new position to boost efforts to contain a 10-month epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has killed more than 1,200 people. … David Gressly, currently deputy chief of the UN's MONUSCO peacekeeping...

Experienced technocrat to head government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (21.05.2019)

The DR Congo has a new prime minister: Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba. Who is this head of government chosen as a compromise between the former and the current presidents and what can the Congolese expect of him?

'Terrifying' Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC, say experts (15.05.2019)

An Ebola epidemic in a conflict-riven region of Democratic Republic of Congo is out of control and could become as serious as the outbreak that devastated three countries in West Africa between 2013 and 2016, experts and aid chiefs have warned.

Three suspects in UN experts' killing escape jail in Congo (07.05.2019)

Three suspects in the killing of two U.N. investigators in Democratic Republic of Congo escaped from prison overnight, a defence lawyer in the case said on Tuesday.

Ebola situation worsening in DRC, amidst growing ‘funding gap’ UN health agency warns (30.04.2019)

Strengthening both security and the Ebola response effort is essential to contain the growing outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), UN health agency’s officials said on Tuesday, following a visit to the epicentre of what is already the worst outbreak in the country’s history.

Assessing the effectiveness of the UN mission in the DRC (26.04.2019)

[…] By adopting the EPON’s methodology framework, the report has evaluated the effectiveness of the UN peacekeeping efforts in the DRC across eight critical dimensions. A number of significant strategic and operational impacts and three constraints that have undermined UN efforts have also been...

UN mission in DR Congo, MONUSCO, to downsize (24.04.2019)

The new downsizing plans announced on April 22 by Leila Zerrougui, the head of MONUSCO, should be completed by the end of June ahead of the UN’s new financial year. The 764 job cuts will not affect military personnel but mostly concern Congolese civilians. Eight offices will be shut down in Dungu,...

Rumour and violence rife as Congo Ebola outbreak surges out of control (23.04.2019)

Agencies blame the recent surge in transmission on a continued lack of trust in communities and violent attacks on treatment centres in February and March, which forced health workers to wind down some services.

Ebola is real, Congo president tells sceptical population (16.04.2019)

Mistrust of first responders and widespread misinformation propagated by some community leaders has led many in affected areas of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to refuse vaccinations. Instead, they turn to traditional healers, whose clinics have contributed to the haemorrhagic fever's...

DR Congo troops kill 36 Burundi rebels in east (12.04.2019)

The Congolese army mounted a series of operations between April 6 and 8 in the eastern province of South Kivu aimed at regaining territory against the Burundian rebel groups National Liberation Forces (FNL) and the Burundian Republican Forces (FOREBU).

WHO experts to decide whether Congo Ebola outbreak is international emergency (10.04.2019)

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday said it had reconvened an expert panel to consider whether an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo constitutes a public health emergency of international concern. … Declaring the outbreak a “public health emergency of international...

UN Congo expert calls for rapid transition to avoid renewed violence (07.04.2019)

Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) new president must swiftly form a government and seize the moment as groups, anxious for political change, lay down their arms, the head of the UN mission in Congo warned on Saturday. … “It’s an extremely important dynamic that ought to be seized upon”, she said...

Congo arrests rebel leader wanted for mass rape (04.04.2019)

A Congolese rebel leader accused of orchestrating mass rapes and other atrocities has been caught, Democratic Republic of Congo's army said on Thursday.

Ebola cases rising in DRC, but UN health agency cites progress in community trust-building (29.03.2019)

A rise in new cases of deadly Ebola virus disease in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been announced, while authorities say that progress is being made in accessing communities that have been wary of outside help, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

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