Central Asia


Kabul-hosted international conference on peace process begins (06.07.2020)

Representatives of 19 countries and international organizations will take part in the meeting, officials said.

Afghanistan to release prisoners from Taliban list in push for talks (06.07.2020)

Afghanistan is to release more Taliban prisoners in the hope of getting peace talks going, a government spokesman said on Thursday, after the insurgent group provided the government with a revised list of several hundred of their detainees.

Taliban maintain ties to Al-Qaeda affiliate: Pentagon (02.07.2020)

[…] Under a deal the Taliban signed with the United States in February, the insurgents agreed to stop Al-Qaeda from using Afghanistan as a safe haven to plot attacks. But in the months since, the Taliban have continued to work with Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), the US Defense...

UN blames Afghan forces for deadly market shelling (01.07.2020)

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Tuesday blamed Afghan forces for firing mortar shells that struck a busy market in a southern province and killed at least 23 civilians. The Monday morning explosions came as the Taliban and the Afghan government are expected to launch...

Afghan official open to discussing interim government with Taliban (24.06.2020)

A top Afghan official leading peacemaking efforts with the Taliban said Wednesday that he would be open to discussing formation of an interim government with the Islamist insurgent group when the two sides begin long-awaited peace negotiations.

Afghan security forces suffer bloodiest week in 19 years (22.06.2020)

Afghanistan’s security forces have suffered their bloodiest week so far in the 19-year-old Afghan war. The Afghanistan's National Security Council said 291 members of Afghan National and Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) were killed and 550 others wounded in multiple Taliban attacks last week.

NATO allies committed to Afghanistan’s security: Stoltenberg (17.06.2020)

On Taliban-Al Qaeda ties, the NATO chief said: “The Taliban has to break ties with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.”

Qatar to host intra-Afghan peace talks (14.06.2020)

Afghanistan’s warring sides have agreed to open long-awaited peace talks in Qatar, possibly later this month, to negotiate a sustainable cease-fire and political settlement to years of conflict in Afghanistan.

ICC oversight chief ‘deeply regrets’ US decision to target officials investigating Afghanistan war crimes (13.06.2020)

[…]The decision, announced on Thursday by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, defence secretary, Mark Esper and attorney general, William Barr, targets ICC officials investigating war crimes allegedly committed in Afghanistan by all sides, including the US,...