Serbia protests meet violent response in Europe’s 1st major virus unrest (08.07.2020)

To counter a second coronavirus wave, President Aleksandar Vucic announced a new lockdown. Protesters reacted with fury at his inconsistency, amid wider anger over his strongman leadership.

War crimes prosecutors to interview Kosovo President (08.07.2020)

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci will go to The Hague on Monday to be interviewed by international war crimes prosecutors.

EU-backed talks between Kosovo and Serbia to resume on July 12 (06.07.2020)

The leaders of Kosovo and Serbia will hold talks in Brussels on July 12, reviving European Union-backed negotiations that ground to a halt in 2018, a European Commission spokesman said. … The United States sought to host talks in the White House last month, but Hoti pulled out after international...

UN urges end to 'crackdown' on civil society in Belarus ahead of presidential vote (01.07.2020)

United Nations experts are urging the Belarusian government to abandon its “policy of arbitrary arrests, violence, and intimidation” against political activists, rights defenders, journalists, and bloggers ahead of a presidential election on August 9.

Kosovar President vows to resign if war-crimes charges confirmed (29.06.2020)

Kosovar President Hashim Thaci says he will “immediately resign” if a judge in The Hague confirm war-crimes charges filed against him, including crimes against humanity, stemming from Kosovo’s war of independence in 1998-99.

Serbian opposition voices suspicion about repeat election votes (26.06.2020)

After the Election Commission ordered a repeat vote at 234 polling stations on July 1, delaying the final result, opposition parties said they suspected it was part of a plan to push up the turnout and so make the election look more legitimate.

Europeans offer to host Serbia-Kosovo summit in Paris (26.06.2020)

With a planned meeting in the White House on Saturday derailed by the indictment of the Kosovo President, France and Germany have indicated their willingness to host a summit in Paris.

Police in Montenegro detain dozens after pro-Serbian protests (25.06.2020)

Montenegrin police have detained dozens of people following pro-Serbian rallies in Podgorica and other cities across the Balkan country. The rallies were called by opposition figures who are seeking closer ties with Serbia and Russia. The June 24 protests reflect mounting political tensions in...

Kosovo cancels US-mediated talks with Serbia after president indicted (25.06.2020)

Kosovo's prime minister has canceled talks with Serbia in Washington after his president was indicted for crimes against humanity. The talks were meant to be the first dialogue in 19 months.

As pre-election crackdown continues, Lukashenka accuses Russia, Poland of meddling (25.06.2020)

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has accused Russia and Poland of "meddling" in the country's upcoming presidential election as he continues to crack down on potential challengers and the independent media.