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United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UN-led)
Authorization date: 03/78

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Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon

Authorization date: 02/07

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Lebanon PM warns country at risk of major food crisis (21.05.2020)

Diab warns pandemic could trigger global food security emergency that would put vulnerable countries like Lebanon at particular risk, calls for US and EU to set up emergency fund.

Lebanon faces grave threat to stability as poverty mounts (11.05.2020)

An unprecedented economic crisis, nationwide protests and coronavirus restrictions are posing the biggest threat to stability since the end of the civil war in 1990.

Riots in Lebanon with economy in crisis (28.04.2020)

Hundreds of protesters have clashed with troops in Tripoli for a second day. The anti-government sentiment, fueled by an ongoing financial collapse, drove people to the streets despite a coronavirus lockdown.

Israeli drone strike targets Hezbollah members in Syria near Lebanon border (15.04.2020)

An Israeli drone targeted a car of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement just inside Syria near the border with Lebanon on Wednesday, without casualties, a source from the Shiite armed group said.

Protesters march in Lebanon to reject new government (01.02.2020)

Hundreds of Lebanese marched on Saturday through the streets of the capital and the main northern city to reject a new government named to deal with an economic crisis, which they say lacks a popular mandate.

Crisis-hit Lebanon unveils new government (22.01.2020)

More than a month after he was designated with backing from the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah and nearly three after his predecessor Saad Hariri resigned under pressure from the street, Prime Minister Hassan Diab's cabinet of 20 ministers was announced. … The new cabinet is made up of...

Renewed violence hits Lebanon amid ongoing economic crisis (15.01.2020)

Protesters in Lebanon have again taken to the streets amid an economy in tatters and political disagreements over the creation of a new government.

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