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UN Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement

Authorization date: 01/19

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Saudi-led coalition hits Houthi-held areas in renewed air raids (02.07.2020)

Fighter jets belonging to a Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Houthi rebels have launched dozens of air raids on several Yemeni provinces, as the kingdom announced the start of a new military operation.

Saudi coalition announces ceasefire with southern separatists (22.06.2020)

The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen announced Monday a ceasefire between the internationally recognized government and southern separatists who have declared self-rule after a series of military gains. … The southern separatists and the government are technically allies in the fight against...

Saudi proposes framework to end standoff between allies in southern Yemen: sources (18.06.2020)

Saudi Arabia has proposed a framework to end the latest standoff in southern Yemen between nominal allies under a Saudi-led coalition, three sources said, as violence escalates with the Iran-aligned Houthi movement in the north of the country.

UN forced to cut aid to Yemen, even as virus increases need (01.06.2020)

Aid organizations are making an urgent plea for funding to shore up their operations in war-torn Yemen, saying they have already been forced to stop some of their work even as the coronavirus rips through the country. Some 75% of U.N. programs in Yemen have had to shut their doors or reduce...

UN: Yemen on brink of disaster as COVID-19 spreads (21.05.2020)

The United Nations warns COVID-19 could have catastrophic consequences for millions of people in Yemen, and worsen what is already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

UN pulls half its foreign aid staff out of Yemeni capital as COVID-19 spreads (20.05.2020)

The UN has pulled out over half its remaining international staff from Yemen’s capital to protect them from the spread of COVID-19, according to several UN sources.

'Significant progress' made towards lasting ceasefire in Yemen, UN Special Envoy tells Security Council (14.05.2020)

UN Special Envoy for war-weary Yemen, Martin Griffiths, told the Security Council on Thursday, that he had been in intensive negotiations with the warring parties in Yemen over a lasting peace deal, with "significant progress" made, especially towards making the UN's call for a complete silencing...

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