South America and Caribbean


Security Council marks transition from 15 years of UN peacekeeping in Haiti (15.10.2019)

Although 15 years of UN peacekeeping in Haiti have drawn to a close, the Organization’s commitment to strengthening and stabilizing the country will continue, the Security Council heard on Tuesday. … Effective on Wednesday, the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) will begin work on...

Haiti's embattled president faces 5th week of protests (14.10.2019)

Haiti's embattled president faced a fifth week of protests on Monday as road blocks went up across the country after opposition leaders said they will not back down on their call for Jovenel Moise to resign.

Colombia elections: Candidates face spate of violence (10.10.2019)

Seven candidates have been killed and more than 60 others have been attacked in the lead up to the October 27 election.

Amid perceived power vacuum, dozens vie to be Haiti's leader (09.10.2019)

As the public appearances of President Jovenel Moise fade with Haiti's deepening political turmoil, dozens of people from political parties old and new are vying to become the country's next leader as they seize on widespread discontent.

UN urges Colombia to fully implement FARC peace deal (07.10.2019)

The implementation of a peace deal with former FARC guerrillas implies more than the policies currently outlined by the Colombian government, according to the United Nations. In his quarterly report to the Security Council, Secretary General Antonio Guterres highlighted advances made in the...

Haiti's president delivers national address seeking to calm furious nation (25.09.2019)

Moise's national address follows a shooting at the Senate Monday morning during which a ruling party senator, Ralph Fethiere, fired on opposition supporters who he said rushed his car and his entourage. … The Senate has failed five times to ratify his latest prime minister designate, Fritz Henry...

Colombia ‘simulating’ implementation of peace deal: human rights organizations (25.09.2019)

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque is dismantling the peace process that sought to end armed conflict in his country, hundreds of human rights organizations reported Thursday. In a crushing report for the European Parliament, approximately 500 organizations said that the government is “stagnating” and...

Colombia to strengthen protection for politicians after candidate murders (16.09.2019)

Colombia will increase protection for political candidates running in October's local and regional elections after the murders of seven aspirants, President Ivan Duque said on Monday. The killings have sparked renewed calls for more to be done to prevent political violence in the country, where...