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United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti 

Authorization date: 06/19

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UN determined to support authorities in strengthening rule of law (16.02.2018)

Strengthening the rule of law and improving the national police and the judicial system in Haiti will require political will on the part of the authorities, and the United Nations is determined to support this goal, said Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Bintou Keita.

New UN mission to take innovative approach to strengthening rule of law (03.01.2018)

The head of the new United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti, known as MINUJUSTH, has said the operation will carry out its work in an innovative in the island nation – complete with an unusually tight timeframe and a bench-marking exit strategy. Describing what is unique about the...

Haiti prepares to introduce its revived military (15.11.2017)

More than two decades after Haiti’s leader disbanded its army, with its history of violent coups, the Caribbean nation is about to unveil a reconstituted military. … The United Nations and foreign governments, including the United States, discouraged Haiti from reviving its army. Instead, they...

UN 'will walk with Haiti' on path towards sustainable development, senior official pledges (05.11.2017)

[…] The high-level delegation was dispatched by Secretary-General António Guterres to reaffirm the commitment of the United Nations to the Haitian people in a “new spirit of partnership.”

New UN mission in Haiti launched (16.10.2017)

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres welcomed the establishment Monday of the UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH).

Haiti, the UN and the unintended effects of a peace mission (15.10.2017)

After 13 years, the United Nations is ending its stabilization mission in Haiti. But as the last UN soldiers leave the Caribbean island, many issues remain unresolved — for both Haiti and the UN.