Update on Peace Operations and COVID-19

Security Council: Paralysis and ‘political infighting’ must end, to boost COVID-19 fight: EU foreign affairs chief (28.05.2020)

The global coronavirus pandemic is testing the multilateral system like never before and the Security Council must stop the “infighting”, and step up to the challenge, the European Union’s foreign policy chief told the 15-member body on Thursday. Josep Borrell said the novel coronavirus crisis –...

On Peacekeepers Day, UN to spotlight vital role of women peace operations (27.05.2020)

Innocent civilians trapped in violence now face “a new and deadly threat” from COVID-19, the UN chief told the Security Council on Wednesday, warning that the pandemic is “amplifying and exploiting the fragilities of our world”.

Policing the pandemic: how UN Police are maintaining law, order, and public health (23.05.2020)

In several countries afflicted by years of armed conflict, The UN assists with law and order issues, including policing expertise. This work is being challenged, as never before, by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this interview with UN News, Luis Carrilho, head of the UN Police Division, describes how...

UN peacekeeping and the protection of civilians in the COVID-19 era (22.05.2020)

[…] Protection threats are expanding and aggravating in the time of the pandemic. COVID-19, and the measures put in place to limit its propagation, exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, create new protection needs, and hamper the capacities of protection actors operating in conflict zones. UN...

COVID-19 shows crucial role of the UN, says next General Assembly President (15.05.2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the ‘crucial role’ of the UN and its agencies, according to the veteran Turkish diplomat and parliamentarian who, as the only candidate for the top job, is slated to lead the historic 75th session of the General Assembly which begins in September.

Pandemic fallout: will the coronavirus lead to more violent conflict in Africa? (13.05.2020)

Some have warned that the coronavirus pandemic might lead to hunger, riots, instability, and civil war, especially in Africa. How likely are such worst-case scenarios?

The impact of COVID-19 on peace operations in Africa (13.05.2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted peace operations. In the short-term activities have been reduced to the most critical, rotations have been frozen, and most staff are working remotely. Most of the missions have adapted remarkably well. However, even more changes are likely in the...

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